Leonhard Euler's works on Cartography

A selection of Euler's works with a relationship to cartography or geodesy. Most of these translations, together with other works by Euler, can be found at the Euler Archive, hosted by the Mathematical Association of America.

E0091728 De linea brevissima in superficie quacunque duo quaelibet puncta iungente
(Concerning the shortest line joining any two selected points on any surface)
E1321741 Methodus viri celeberrimi Leonhardi Euleri determinandi gradus meridiani pariter ac paralleli telluris, secundum mensuram a celeb. de Maupertuis cum sociis institutam
(Method of the celebrated Leonhard Euler for determining a degree of the meridian, as well as of a parallel of the earth, based on the measurement undertaken by the celebrated de Maupertuis and his colleagues)
E2141753 Principes de la Trigonometrie Spherique Tires de la Methode des Plus Grands et Plus Petits
(Principles of Spherical Trigonometry Derived from the Method of the Maxima And Minima)
E2151753Elemens de la trigonometrie spheroidique tires de la methode des plus grands et plus petits
(Elements of spheroidal trigonometry derived from the Method of the Maxima and Minima)
E4901777 De repraesentatione superficiei sphaericae super plano
(On the mapping of Spherical Surfaces onto the Plane)
E4911777 De proiectione geographica superficiei sphaericae
(On a Geographic Projection of the Surface of the Sphere)
E4921777 De proiectione geographica Deslisliana in mappa generali imperii russici usitata
(On de Lisle's Geographic Projection and its Use in the General Map of the Russian Empire)
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