Second letter from Camp Mills

Camp Mills
L.I. N.Y.
Sept – 12 – 17

Dear Mother & Father Bros Sisters
  Thought I would drop you a few more lines to let you know what is going and find out what is happening at home.
I hope every one is well as I am the same.
The weather here is rather warm in the day time but at night is pretty cool. It is close to the ocean and it is a damp cold. I hope you received the letters I sent a few days ago. We have not been doing much drilling lately on account of lack of proper equipment. A new issue of uniforms are being issued. Talk about clothes & blankets etc.

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we sure have em.
I and H Swerengin(?) went to N.Y. Sunday while on leave this is the first time I went. It sure is some burg.
There is a Y.M.C.A. on this camp grounds. About 6 YMCA's for the whole camp. Every night we have some kind of an entertainment at them. You ought to hear the bunch yell some. The bunch up here say they wish they were in K.C. for just one night some of them are sure home sick. It sure is funny to hear how some of the fellows talk southern Eastern & western brog. Our bunch was given credit for being the best regiment of alaround soldiers in camp.

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I met Ruth(?) H. friend of the K.C. signal corps (Pole). Their camp is about one block from ours. It seems funny around K.C a soldier is not treated like they are here. Everyone here pays the highest respect to a soldier. When we went to N.Y. it didn't cost us a cent to get back. A fellow stopped and ask us to ride back, bought us cigars and treated us fine Then at Freport L.I. another fellow offered us a ride the rest of the way; the same way with everyone else. Soldiers are arriving every day; some clear from Calif.
Mama be sure to let me know when Smithy goes so I can get his address.

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When a fellows get away from home he sure wants to know what is going on so don't forget to write and tell Wm especially to write. Papa don't you forget either the same with all. Best of love to all.

From your Son & Bro
Geo A.