George's first letter to his older brother William.

L.I. Sept 23 1917

Dear Brother Wm
  Your mail received yesterday and I was certainly glad to hear from you. sounds good to hear that Tom & Frank have joined the Home Guards; mabee the fellows will not tease them so much now and mabe they can show off to the girls. You probably are busy at nights going to school Go to it old boy there is chance to use good schooling at the job you have. I received Smithy's letter today; he says he is still in K.C. How does he look in his uniform? Our guns & pistols were issued us today along with the rest of the equipment. You would be surprised what it takes to equip a soldier. Sec. Baker[*] was out to our camp today and we marched

* Secretary of War Newton D. Baker


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in review. It took 2 hrs for the whole div. to pass by. You should see the crowd from N.Y. City out here today. I went to N.Y. City last night took a street car went from one end of Broadway to the other down by the Statue of Liberty and numerous other places. Had some time in a decent way.
Smithy was saying his Co was trying to get into the Rainbo div. If they could do that it sure would make it nice.
Was Lonnie(?) Anderson taken in the draft? Our Col. told us the other day that we would leave right soon. Willie what kind of work do you do at the bank? Can you use the typewriter yet? Have they started the bank on Elmwood? (?)

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Smithy was saying his Co does not like the show drivers because some of them tangled with the men in his co. When a fellow here gets in a fight they all stick together right or wrong. A fight will happen here every once in a while. When a Jew peddler comes into the camp he never get out without having part of hs goods taken sometimes all of it. Well Willie there is a a whole lot I would like to say but must close now. Hoping you the best of success. Your Bro

Geo Anderson

Write soon.