Response to a letter from sister Elizabeth

Camp Mills
L.I., N.Y
Oct. 16 – 17

Dear Mother & Father Bro. & Sisters.

  Received Eliz. letter today and though I would lose nol time in writing to her and all. It sounds good to hear that all are well and still living. as the same happens with me. You say from the looks of the pictures I was not starving — well; pictures always tells true stories. Some of the boys are getting so fat their clothes are too small for them. Smithy wrote a few days ago from what he says they do not

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like the place. The water is bad also the location of his camp. Mama how are you feeling by this time? say how I can wash clothes make beds etc. Our pay day was a few days ago. You should get $20 soon. When it rains we usually stay in our tents and talk about diferent things to come & the past especially talk how nice it would be; to be home with 2 feet under the table — the table set with food ma cooks. How nice it would be to get up on Sunday morn
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me a card some time ago, that was patriotic week. Well I will close for now hoping you to be the same as ever with the best of health.

Your Son & Bro
Geo. A.

Write soon