George's first letter from "over there". A brief note, written from a ship docked at a French port city. Records of George's unit, the 42d Division, show that the city was Brest, in Brittany.

Somewhere in France
Nov – 12 – 1917

Dear Mother & Father Bros and Sisters,

  Just a few lines for the present to let you know I have arrived safe and sound also, feeling fine, hope you are feeling better than that. It certainly was a long trip, everybody was sure anxious to see land once more although there was very little Seasickness, not over one out of a hundred. The ocean was calm all the way over. We never seen sight of a submarine the whole trip. A submarine has no chance with one of these ships. Our Ship

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is one of the largest in the world with two of the best gunners on it in the U.S. Navy. I never was so sick of water in all my life. Our eats on the ship was pretty good also sleeping. We are still on the ship laying out in the harbor, I don't know whether we will stop at this city or not. You probably will have heard of our arrival before this reaches you. There is a whole lot to tell you about but the censor limits the lines so I will close for now hoping every one at home are the same with the best of love for Mother & Father Bro & Sisters.


Will try and write a little every day till I tell you all.

Write soon