See the transcription and scan of a short fragment of a letter, noted "Dec 1917(?)", which may be the letter George is referring to.

Dec – 7 1917

Dear Mother
Received your welcome letter today and certainly was glad to hear from you. I also received Wm 's Alice's Aunt Florences letters. You would be surprised to know that these letters were 1 month and 7 days getting here. Mama I wrote you yesterday, so you ought to get it before getting this. It is nice to know every one is well at home also that Edith is getting fat. She must have my place at the table besides she better not talk to much about me behind my back, ha ha. I didn't know Hugh Swerengin and Lee Peterson were coming home.

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I thought they were still in the Hospital at New York City. There was a number of boys in our co. left in the hospital when we left the U.S. one of them just came in camp yesterday and expect the rest of them over later. They have just completed our Y.M.C.A. here. That is where I am writing this letter tonight. A French Lieut is going to speak tonight on "life at the front." I guess there is quite a great deal of talk of when the war will end, that nobody knows. From what we learn around here it wont last till spring. Then again if the Germans have to be drove

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for 2 month but when I do get paid it will include the first allotment. I think from now on you will get $15 every month. but if it should not come "let me know". How is Dan old boy feeling these days, also Florence the handy girl with the dish rag. Is Bob & Joe still in charge around the house.
Well mama I will close for now with the best of love

Your Son

N L DeArmond
Captain 74
117 Am Tn