Letter dated Jan. 20, 1917, with a handwritten correction to 1918. The letter is labeled Number 2 ; see the letter to William of Dec. 8, where George mentions that he will start numbering his letters.

Somewhere in France
Jan – 20 – 1917

No. - 2 -
Dear Mother Father Brothers and Sisters
Just received your letters of Dec.–13–20th also two from Elizabeth dated Dec. 1st and Dec 26 and the inclosed letter from Florence. I was certainly glad to hear from you and to know everyone is well. It seemed our mail was held up somewhere for all the letters came in a bunch. At this time I am in the best of health, and sorry to say I am getting fat.

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I was sorry to hear of the death of Aunt Lottie, it must have been an awful blow to grandma, but things of that sort must happen it seems. Mama you were asking about my picture well; at last I had it taken and am mailing them today. I had a few taken in plain uniform but they were not good so I did not send them to you. You should haver received quite a few letters from me by now. I explained in one of them about the allotment and will mention it again here. I have received the first allotment here but have not as yet sent it to you. I put this money on high interest to a few fellows in the Regiment (25¢ on th dollar) and will collect it this next month. Mama you should have now three allotments let me know about this as soon as you receive it. I will mention in this letter, that I received the nice Christmas presents from every at home and was very glad to get them. Everything was very useful and thanks

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to everyone. I have also received the present from G.B. and a few from diferent friends I know. I intend to send some presents home; but thought it probably would never get back so I canceled the idea. There is lots of things I would like to send, also many things I would like to tell, but the censor is very strict you know. Papa I bet you are a busy man these days at B/K ? It is too bad I can't have you in the garden this spring but it should grow better if I keep away. ha! Papa I wrote Uncle Bob while here and got an answer the other day. He was

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glad to hear from me and asked about you and the family. The weather here is warm now after a few weeks of cold. The French people say winter is gone and spring is here now. Our whole company is doing guard duty most of the time, with the exception of a few of us who are on Military Police duty in this city. We were just speaking about the good luck we have had. There has not been a single man died in the Regiment since it was recruited speaking of myself I was recently promoted to corporal in

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our Company and was very glad to get the place. It puts me in line for something better later on, if I do the work. Sunday was the big day for the MPs. There was many soldiers in the city on permission. It is our job to see that they do not get into trouble and cause disturbance. Our Sergt is a very fine fellow, also the boys doing M.P. work and we have a good time together. There is many interesting sights in the city. The museum with a collection on arts and old relics some of the pictures are masterpieces of great artists. I was in a church yesterday built in 1400 and a few buildings built about the same time. I will write Wm and Elizabeth soon. Willie must be some Banker by this time? sticke to it Willie its beter than the army.– but listen how do you like the Home Guards? Many thanks Mama for wanting to send me cloths but am well fixed at present. I may need some later on. If you can – send some tobacco. It seems tobacco is a scarcity here. Mama you send one

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of those pictures when you have them taken. Well I will close now although we are far apart. I always have every one of you in mind

With the best of love for all
Your Bro & Son

Capt. H.L. DeArmond
117 Am Tr.