See letter of Mar 3, 1918 for speculation about where George was stationed when this letter was written.

Only pages 1,2,3, and 5 survive.

Somewhere in France
Mar – 8 – 1918

Dear Mother Father Brothers Sisters,
Mama just received your letter of Feb 10th yesterday. Also one from Alice and Florence of Feb 11-14. It is always good news when I get a letter from home for when a person is so far away he can always feel good if he knows everything is going well there. Everything is fine with me at this time. I have just returned from town where a few of us fellows have been spending the evening

(page 2)

together. Home was never like this ha! You would certainly laugh if you could see the way I am trying to write this letter. Well the weather is pretty cool of a night and to keep warm while writing I have my feet under the covers on the bed, a board, 2 candles to see by, which my back is nearly tired out trying to set up straight. Mama you will have to excuse me for not writing

(page 3)

lately, for we have been moving around from one place to the other, and have been busy from early in the morning until late of a night, it seemed it was impossibl to get anytime to myself. If there is any place in France that this bunch has not been, I would like to know where it is! The weather here has seems to be damp most of the time, but the last few days

(p. 4 missing)


(page 5)

25,000 and when the French drove them back they blowed up every building and left it in a complete ruins. This is only one instinest that has happened out of this war. Believe me you would hardly believe your eyes if could be here and see some of the things — would like to tell you in this letter. I have talked to many of the boys who have been at the front line trenches, mama you and papa take it frome me the American

(rest missing)