Somewhere in France
April 9 1918

Dear Florence
How are you anyhow? I am sorry your letters you wrote me were lost but it could not be helped. I do not remember just what your wrote in the last letter but think I will be able to answer it. I have just finished writing mama a letter on this fancy French stationary and hope it will suit you. All is well with me as I wrote in mama's letter and hope you to be the same. You said that you have wrote me about seven letters well that's true and I believe I get all the letter you write. no doubt your time is taken up knitting for the Red Cross. I have seen many carloads of Rec Cross stuff come in and distributed and you don't know how glad some of the boys are to get it. It comes from diferent parts of the U.S. some are fancy boxes of eats, otheres comfort kits sweaters and other stuff too numberous to name. There is so many fellows

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over here to distribute too that it certainly must keep the Red Cross workers busy. There is very few kids here, but all the girls about your size wear wooden shoes and go to school that way. How would you like to have a pair to go to school in and when you walk up to the room it would sound like a lumber wagon ha! If the teacher said anything about them, just swing your bg and throw them on her desk, they fit loose. Florence I sent some Handkerchiefs home one is for you, so you want to meet the postman first. Tell Dan not to worry I am going to send him and Edith something soon. Well Florence will say finish for now as the French say Bon-we. Help mama and wash the dishes clean.
Best Wishes       Your Bros


Write soon.