This letter, together with that of March 5, 1918, gives an idea of George's day-to-day life and work on the front lines.
Corp. Geo. Anderson
117 Ammn. Tr.
Caisson Co 1
American E.F.

April 28 1918

Dear Mother,
Received your welcome letter of Mar. 26 and the letter from Alice and Florence also the two postal cards from Daniel and Florence. I am glad to hear that you are all much the same as I can say the same for myself. Mama I know it makes you mad that I don't write more often but it seems that letter writing is a weak point with me. I have been up most every night the last week we have been so awful busy with one thing and another. Night before last I was on gaurd, the two nights before I was up on the front with ammunition so that the way it goes all the time. Mama I don't know if you understand what the work of an ammunition

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train is do you? Well our work is mostly of a night, it is seldom that we go to the front in the day time, because if an ammunition train appears in sight of the German observation it would be a certain target for the Huns and they sure would pay you a visit with a number of shells, although in case it was necessary the train must go up with the ammunition no matter how you were being fired at for the artillary must have the ammunition wheather or no. The train consists of a number of trucks wagons horses etc under the charge of an officer. Sometimes there is a great number of trucks and other times only a few according to the ammount of ammn. there is to haul. Every man must be at hand at all times should an order come in for more ammunition. The last time I was up they called for so much ammunition to go to a certain place. We went in the

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wagon and trucks go the ammn. and hauled it as close as possible and waited until night came and went on up to the guns. Every man must be equiped with two gas masks, arms, and wear his steel helmet. It is still pretty quiet on this front but can expect things pretty noisy soon. It has been raining here most every day as usual and is very muddy and sloppy. The grass is green and the trees have leaved out so it looks pretty around here now. Mama I have been telling you I would send a good picture of myself but it seems soon you will give up hopes in getting one. I went to a pretty good sized town a few miles from here to get my picture taken and every photo shop was closed up I have tried three or four times now and they are still closed on account of material. I will try again sunday and see what is doing, but if you and papa or any of the kids get there picture taken don't forget to send one of them to me, the

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only picture I have from home is from Joe. Mama probably the reason that Geo Kinsey[?] or some of the others send $25 home instead of $15 is for the reason of claiming dependents, that is if the allotment is $15 and the $10 is from the goverment. A person can make any size allotment he wants to up to the amount of his pay, probably his allotment was $25 instead of $15, and don't see how he could claim dependents. A private in Foreign service gets $33-$36 first class, a corporal $39. I have $15 allotment, $6.30 insurance. Let me know if you are getting every allotment. The service stripes will be issued to our Reg. next month. This is a golden stripe in a "v" shape that a soldier wears on his sleeve for 6 mo. foreign service. The majority of the Div. have them now. I just received that package yesterday and it was in good shape, believe me I was sure anxious for it, my tobacco bag was nearly empty and cigarettes was a thing of the past. I divided

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the candy with a sergeant, that I bunk with and he said if I did not hide it, he would. But its all gone now, it certainly was good while it lasted. This gum I am chewing has nearly wore my jaws out, but it says on the wrapper that the flavor lasts so I am going to give it a good try out. No doubt mama you and papa have little time for pleasure but I would certainly like to see you take a trip to Canada, it would do you a world of good and I know how anxious Aunt Mealy would be to have you both there. It is nearly bed time now and I have a bunch of letters to write yet, so this must come to a finish. It is hard to tell lots of things in a letter that you would like to know, but just wait till I get back oh! oh! Well mama you and papa take good care of yourself and I will try to do the same.

Sending the best love for Mother Father Bros & Sisters.

Your Son,

Lt CaRagil