May 27, 1918

May 27 1918

Dear Mother Father Bros & Sisters
Thought I would write you a few more lines this morning while I have the morning to my-self. I just came off gaurd this morning and feel a bit sleepy yet.
Well mama I hope this finds you all well at this time, have been feeling good myself only for a little spot on me where a horse made a pass at me with one of his hind legs.
Yesterday was sunday and certainly was a fine day. I managed to go and have my picture taken at a small town a few miles from here. All I could get was postal cards pictures if they are good I will send them to you imediately; if not no ha! Harry Troutman is over here now. He wrote me a few days ago.
I have been getting letters from lots of fellows I know who are over now. Some of the fellows

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that know boys in Clarence Smiths Reginiet say they are over now. Well mama they say all the fellows in the N./E. are nearly gone. mabe it will be possible to assemble the old bunch over here.
There has not been much doing here lately to speak of. A german aeroplane was brought down about a mile from our place a few days ago. The machine was not totally damaged and the two german aviators were taken prisinors. one of the men in the plane could speak good english and congratulated the Frenchman who found him on doing such a fine job of it. The last few days we have been turning in all surplus equipment and are allowed only what can be carried with us on a march.
Our barracks bags were left behind about 2 1/2 months ago and have never seen them yet and mabe we will never get them.
I could gather up lots of souvenirs if it were possible to take them along with me.

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I am pounding out one of the famous French No. 75s. It is a brass shell about 8" wide and a foot long and if it will go through the mail it certainly will make a fine vase for you.
These are the shells that slaughtered the germans on this last big drive they made in the mass formation. Also send a souvenir from the German Aeroplane How does it seem now mama since Willie has gone. I bet things seem quite diferent to have 2 away from home all the time, but it can't be long. you bet. Don't forget to send Willie's address in your next letter. Will have to close for now the canteen at this Y.M. has opened and I must write a few more letters. Tell all the kids hello and don't let papa work to hard and have him drop a couple of lines some time.

With love
Your Son