Handwritten note on the top page of this letter fragment: "first part missing ~June 1918?"

Mention of the garden may also help date the letter.

page 2 ?

some french soldiers (Blue Devils) paraded in N.Y. City some tiem ago. These soldiers are from this part of France and are noted for being such game fighters (and they are) our Div is where they first went into the trenches, fought beside them, and they think a whole lot of the Amer. boys.

Well mama have you had many letters from Willie lately? I don't


page 3 ?

suppose he will be coming over here for some time will he? Wm A. (cousin) wrote me a while back and was still at home. I guess he considers himself lucky to be there. Papa how is your garden coming out by this time? I guess nearly everything is ready to eat is it not.?

I sure wish I was there to show you how to raise good potatoes ha!

Papa you ought to be on a farm now, I bet


page 4 ?

the farmers are certainly winning the money.

Well the fellows are come back and making ready for bed, and must do the same toot-sweet.

Mama I have finished that $75 and will try and send it soon, if it gets by in the mail. The Frenchman has nearly crowed us out of this loft lately. They have been filling it up with alfalfa. Well mama I will say good bye for this time, tatoo


(page 5?)

is blowing now.

Tell Dan, Edith and all the kids hello for me
wishing you all the best and good luck many times.

  I remain
    your loving Son

P.S. Send some of those new picturs of K.C. in your next letter.