Somewhere in France
July – 21 – 1918

Dear Sister Alice:

How are you – com-on-talle-voo-) just had supper Alice and am back on the job again.

I am squeesed in between two buildings where the old frenchman keeps his hay wagon. He was out here when I was writing Elizabeth a letter. I had the two kodak pictures in the envelope and he was looking em over he said


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ah-ah-tra-bon.(very good) and asked if it was my madamoiselle but not so- but my sister- ah- he said.

Well Alice I have two letters from you and certainly am always glad to hear from you even if you do make excuses about always having a bad pencil.

You mus be some working bunch at home. So that is the reason mama takes time to go to the show once in a while I guess. How does she get time Alice that's what I can't see ha! ha! always time if


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you want to take it isn't there? Alice I would like to see you get a job at the W./U. but mabe mama needs you worse in the house. I had the French girls write you a letter which you should have by now. We are not at her place now, say I did hate to leave there!

Have you been reading about the big allied victory [blotted out] (good). Those Bosch will wake up some time and find their place in the sun gone all they will get is a


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hot day. I seen some [blotted out] brought in and they were scared to death, they looked like mere boys pale as a sheet.

They have some good soldiers though, but the American and French can out fight em. This place has been bombarded and the Germans once stayed in the same place we are sleeping now but the French put them out by the point of the bayonet and pushed em away back.

Well Alice will say good bye an ring off this time. How is Hubby, Honey — Edith, & bounce[?] Dady and the Dan? Make em help you do the work!

Bon-wee George

H.A. Miles Leons
1st Lieut L.G.