Somewhere in France
July – 21 – 1918

Dear Sister Elizabeth:

Today is sunday and seem a fine day to write letters so here I am bothering you again. I have both of your letters and best of all you pictures. They are certainly fine of you especially the large one. I don't know wheather it is eating strawberry short cake or camping at Win-wood that make you look


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so good. but say if you want to kid me about eating cake chickin etc you had better send me a joke bood for a little bit goes a long ways. ha! I just finished writing Willie a letter and a French man chased me out of the barn. he looks like a Dutch-man to me. Elizabeth how is Anna since she was married I bet she make a good house-keeper and a bad fighter ha! The weather is fine here we have been

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getting little rain lately.

I haven't seen a good look girl for so long I don't knwo what to do.

All a fellow sees is soldiers soldiers and more soldiers French, Amer, African, Italian and everything else.

The roads are busy all the time with trucks wagons etc. supplying the need on the front. We are staying is French billets, it a fair place. The bunks are in a row double deck and we have a hard time finding them in the dark, because mo lights are allowed to


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be used.

I seen the best aeroplance fight the other day. a German was scouting around over us unconcerned, all of a sudden a flock of French planes came out of the cloud — finish German! he turned round and round and fell to the ground. that's the way to do em isn't it? Well Elizabeth can say I am real well at present and hope you the same, tell Emily Marion Anna hello also the other girls.
Hoping you the best with love many times
will write more next time             Your Bro George