According to his diary, George was at a village called Essey, Meurthe-et-Moselle, from 9/13/1918 to 9/27/1918. Modern maps show a settlement with the address "Essey-et-Maizerais, Toul, Meurthe-et-Moselle" on the Rupt-du-Mad river, lat. 48°55' N., lon. 5°48'40" E., and about 40 km NW of the city of Nancy. The diary records that they moved to Nanson, Meuse, on 9/27, about 5 km distant from Essey.

Corp. Geo Anderson
Co. C
117 Am Tr.
Amer E.F.

Aug 15

" Aug" crossed out,
"Sept. 1918" written in

Dear Mother
The mail just arrived about 1 1/2 hrs ago and as happen to have plenty of time this afternoon will put it to the best use. Mama it certainly surprised me that you missed out on my mail. For such a long time I have nothing to apologise for, some of it


(page 2)

certainly must have been lost, I never did wait that long to write you a letter. The best of it all is miss (crossed out, replaced with "mrs." Stallinbeck seeing me lined up at a hospital ha! Mama I have never been near a hospital, let alone being in one. There is little need for you to worry about me, have had only one or two days sickness the whole time in France and it did not

(page 3)

amount to much. I hope this finds you all well despite the hot weather you are injoying, 108 in the shade say that's awful I know one thing it is too hot to sleep up stairs ha! The weather here is just so, so, it rains a few days and then the sunshines a few days. at night it is chilly enough to use plenty of blankets. Well mama there is plenty to write about believe me this has been

(page 4)

an exciting week for us. Have been on the go night and day. Did you read about the latest Amer. drive say[?] if I could only tell you a few things about it. The Germans must have been surprixed from the looks of things on this side and most of all the amount of prisinors they lost.

The prisinors were marched back in large bunches gaurded by our miltary police. The men were of all ages


(page 5)

from boys to middle aged men, all seemed to be dressed pretty well, but from the looks on their faces they have been putting up with a great deal. I saw in on place were the gun crew were at their post, one of our shells must have hit in the spot and finished the whole bunch where they were standing.

(page 6)

You have heard about trenches and dugouts well they are the main protection from shell fire and bombs. some of the German dugouts here run as far as 40 and 50 feet below the ground fixed with electric light and bath and fixed up to a T.Y.[?] Our Co is at a stand-still at present - we have been busy cleaning up the equipment and getting things in good shape. Most of the boys


(page 7)

are busy today scouting around picking up souvenirs etc. - helmets, guns, daggers, bayonets, caps belts etc. I have a German helmet all stamped ready to send home but they will not except it through the mail here so I will have to hold it a while.

We are staying on the side of a hill here a short distance from the lines and have things fixed pretty comfortable. You know we were in a rest


(page 8)

camp some time ago stayed a few days and came back to this front. The rest camp didn't amount to much. I believe I would rathe be on the front. Am awful glad you sent me Wm address will write him a letter this afternoon. He has never written me since he landed here, probably he lost my address.

Was hust paid here and drew 3 months allotment.


(page 9)

without dependency money will send you $45 or $50 by money order just as soon as I can get to an american P.O. You will get Aug allotment direct and should rec - 3 mo dependant money which amounts to $90. From now on everything should go straight and you will get $35 per mo. The gov. cancelled a great many allotments and had new ones made out oncce an allotment is

(page 10)

cancelled it takes a great detail has to go through many details before you start rec. them again but you just keep account and you will find out that it all comes out straight in the end.

Mama it will be getting real cold here before long and if we are here this winter it will take plenty of warm clothes. If you can send a warm sweater a good pair of gloves and some heavy socks I will


(page 11)

get along alright. wait a wool helmet. Havn't seen C Smith or any body yet may meet some of them later. Uncle Bob wrote me another card and asked about papa Uncle Joe and the families will write him later.

Mama as bad as you want my picture I can not send it yet, I have plenty of money to have a good one taken but there is no place to get it. I tore the last bunch up. Did I tell you?


(page 12)

Have a letter from Eliz Alice Florence will write them later. It is about time to close. How is papa these days. I hope this finds him all O.K. Tell him not to over work himself. Will say good bye for this time, hoping you all the best in the world.

With love
Your Son

Will write Aunt Florence and the others later.

H.R. Denton