LOCATION: According to his diary, George was at the village of Apremont, Ardennes, from October 17 to November 4, 1918. Modern maps show Apremont about 30 km northwest of Verdun, lat. 46° 16' N., lon. 4°59' E.

Oct 22 – 1918

Dear Mother Father Bro Sisters,
The sun happens to be shinning today and I have myself all gathered up around the bon fire sitting on a board and balancing myself on a steel helmet. Well mama I received your last letters also Elizabeth's & Alices, am pleased to hear you are all still in good health as it finds me in the same shape. Have been hoping to hear from Willie but no

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as yet he has never written. Harold Brawley an old friend of mine came in yesterday. He used to work at G & B) He enlisted in Mont. I had been getting letter from him ever since he has been in France and he had been looking me for all the time. Mama I guess you are preparing for cold weather at home now. I know we are getting a touch of it here now. The goverment issued heavy underwear and socks a few days ago will get over coats soon. They sure go good believe me. The papers are talking peace a great deal now. It sounds good but no

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how it will turn out

those Germans are a funny bunch. I seen thousands and thousances of them prisinors. when they are taken prisinors they are placed in what is called a bull pen a short distance behind.

the pen is mad of barb wire entanglement, the place is almost impossible to get out of. We have changed camp since I wrote you last, it keeeps us busy moving up all the time. We are on captured ground now the germans were here just a short time ago. They had some cabbage planted


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close bye here and the boys from the kitchen went out at gathered up a cartload so we have been eating cabbage right along ha! It is almost as good as the cabbage papa used to raise. I wrote Aunt Mealy a letter a few days ago and will write grandma right soon Well Mama getting back to the allotment. I seen the Co clerk and everything should be O.K. This slip you rec from Washington was fulfilled on the (form J.B.) aplication ) when I made it out just as it read on the slip you sent. The clerk says

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to pay no attention to the paper you rec because that part was settled when I made out the new application so just wait a while & let me know in yours letters if you receive anything. mama there will be $45 3 Moths allotment coming from Washington and I sent $45 which makes $90 in a bunch. Let me now if you get it. Well

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have to close now, hoping all in the family are getting along as always Excuse this paper. It was all I had nobody had any ink. good luck always.

Your loving Son George

Corp. Geo Anderson
      Co E
      117 Am. Tr.
      Am. E. F.