Handwritten note on top page of this letter fragment: "first part missing ~Oct 1918?"

LOCATION: George's diary indicates that he spent most of October 1918 near the border between the Departements of Meuse and Ardennes, about 25km northwest of Verdun. From 10/6 – 10/13, he was camped at Montfaucon, Meuse (lat 46°16' N., lon 5°8' E.), and from 10/17 – 11/4, at Apremont, Ardennes, about 8km west (same lat, 4°59' E. lon )

(page 5)

around home. Mabe he could not be commander at the post. Tom Young wrote me a letter; did I tell you? He is somewhere, I know mot where, anyhow he is feeling well and was anxious to hear from me. I wrote Willie a letter the same day I wrote you last. He has never written me yet but if he gets my letter propably he will write then. The time is slipping by, ho is Hubby, Dan, Joe, Edith, L E [??] U. and let me know how Bob is coming along. He will be alright for it is a big job to fill[??] a good man. Will write a few cards to the kids later when I get [s]ome place to buy em. [T]here is a small town

(page Y)

close by, but it is all blown to pieces, and there is no stores of any kind. The mess Sarg got hold of a few nuts and candy, and they sold like hot cakes. please excuse the pencil mama, my pen is without ink. Have a letter from Elizabeth and Alice, will write them soon. Will close now, give my regard to papa, and you and him get away from the house and see a good time once in a while. write real soon, send some more photos.

With love and best
wishes Your Son,>/br> George
Corp Geo Anderson
Co E
117 Amm. Tr.
Amer E.F.


H Bisirums[?]