Calmus, Luxembourg
Nov 24 – 1918

Dear Mother, Father, Bros & Sisters

Well mama at last I will write you a letter. I certainly feel ashamed of myself for it has been nearly 3 weeks since I wrote you last. Mama I have been getting your mail right along. Also rec the pkg of newspapers and a few letters from the kids. This war is over at last. I know how you all feel at home and you can imagine how I feel. We could not celebrate much over the affair, but the


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celebration is big enough when you are lucky enough to come through without a scratch, well I have plenty of coody scratches. Mama did you notice the above address. The news has just spread that the censorship on letters is no more, so mabe now I can tell you a little about what is going on and where I am at. Our Div is following up the Germans. We have been on the go ever since the armistice was signed. We started at Harricourt

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France, a small berg on the Verdon front came clear across Belgium, crossed the Luxembourg border and are now about 15 miles from the Luxembourg capital. The Belgians were a happy bunch believe me and nothing was to good for the soldiers who were passing through their country. The troops were decorated with the allied flags, and at the entrance of nearly every town where the Amer soldiers were coming in the road was arched with flags and flowers.

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At times we would halt on the roads and in towns. The people would invite the fellows in to have coffee with them and you would see they were doing everything to make the occasion as welcome as possible. We talked to quite a few people and they told all hands of the stories how the German soldiers would come around and collect a certain percent of the eggs and farm products and of the brutality, etc. We are at Calmus Lux now, and will camp here for a

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stay for a few hours, and then continue the trip on toward the River Rhine where we are going I understand. They say we will be stationed at Coblenz Germany as occupation troops for at least a month, I hope it will not be longer, for a year over here has been enough for me. In a few days we will cross the German border and be right among the sour krauts. The people of Luxembourg seem to take things pretty nice so far. They are Germans themselfs you might say.


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The weather here has been damp and cool, we are lucky to be staying in billets where it is dry. We haven't much to do here, since the equipment has been cleaned up, but say how slow the time goes when you know it is a matter of weeks until we start back MABE.

I hope this finds you all in good health at home. As for myself am feeling tra-lone(?). It was too bad Magie K. met up with such luck. Who would have thought it. she always


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seemed so strong and healthy and full of life. Fathers day has just past, and I didn't know it until now. The Stars-Stripes urged every soldier in the A.E.F. to write to Father. I always want papa to feel these letters I write are as much to him as they are to you and the kids, but will send best wishes to him, and Fathers day remembrances. Mama I imagine living is pretty high right now, and hope you have rec. the allot by this time, also the $45 Y.M.C.A. money order I sent. I am not getting

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it here and if you are not getting it by now let me know in every(?) letter. I wrote Willie a letter some time ago but as yet have never heard from him. He is not be to in the Occupation troops and the chances are he will be home as soon as us. All you can here is, when will you start back. Mabe we will be among the one million. This is hoping Mama by the time you read this letter we should be at the end of our trip and that will be near Christ

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mas, so if I spend a good Christmas over here I hope you all spend a better one at home. Ely Alice and the kids have been writing me but in I have neglected writing in return but will start to answer em when we get settled for a few days. Well mama I will close now and write again real soon, and let you know how much the Germans think of the Amer. soldiers. ha. If I have my way - going to make em pay for a good Christmas dinner for me. Will say good night. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy N. year.

With love
Your Son


Did you get the Christmas coupon.