Kreuzberg, Germany
Jan – 28 – 1919

Dear Bro Wm
Just rec your letter today along with one from home, and was very glad to hear from you again. Well Willie am very glad to hear you are well and will try and to slip down your way if I get a pass. A p big percentage of the men in my outfit are getting passes to Coblenz lately. I hope to get one real soon and will get it extended so I can come donw if possible.

Everything is about the same with me. We are going through te every day routine caring for the


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horses doing a little squad right and playing games etc. The big talk around here lately is about going home but the bottom generally drops out when the time comes so I now give up hopes. Both of our majors have left us and went to the 26th Div who are going to the states soon I understand.

Calr Quick is still at Funston but Bill Anderson is a civilian working in K.C. "luck bird". Frank Hudson should put on a uniform and help break up the


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street car strike in K.C. mabe he could win himself a D.S.C. ha!

Willie you know Car Kirkman he was in our town a few days ago. he is a Lieut. Dutch Smitdth is a Lieut also Bernick[?] Deavis. pretty good don't you think. Alice & Edith got a touch of the Influenza and was in bed for some time did she tell you. The last letter they were better she said. Well Willie there is little to write about so I close. I rec your other letter and post card. my xmas


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has not come yet, it must be lost or some guy smelled the candy and finished it. Lee Peterson, Bill Blackman, Tom Donaway and a few oher[?] boys you now are still here. Come over if you can.

    It is 9 P.M. so good by
    and good luck.

Your Bro

Write Soon