Kreuzberg Germany
Mar – 6 – 1916 1919

Dear Mother Father Bros & Sisters
Tonight I will write you a few lines hoping you are all in the best of health.

It is raining out so I will not go out tonight. The weather has been fine here, only for the exception of rain, which we have been having nearly every day. They have been keeping us


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busy the last two weeks parading. We passed in review for the General of the Div. a few days ago, this morining for the Brigade General, and this afternoon for the Col., In a few days Gen Pershing will look us over and by then I hope we will be ready to leave. Mama I expect you have heard that this Div. leaves in April sometime. xIx we are making preparations every day so when the time does come we will part - tootsweet. The Occupation troops are getting equipped with Gasoline Tractors which will do away with the horses. Our Co. has 8 of them so far, and expect a few more in the next few days. The German people were alarmed at first, they thought it was rumered that the Americans were going to make a sweep through the country with them. It wouldn't be so bad to go on into Berlin and make a good job of it. The people treat us pretty good, they are always accomedating and polite, you wouldn't think from the way they act that we

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were enemies. They must furnish billets rooms & etc for the soldiers, whether or not. If there is a room not in use in the home, take it and notify them later. You know mama I am getting to be a Scotch Irish English, French Dutchman. A person soon picks up the get bye language, enough of it to make him–self understood. The German kids go up and down the streets wistheling amer tunes, chewing gum and smoking cigarettes, all amer. Just give one

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of the Germans some chocolate or soap and they won't do enough to pay you. I don't believe there is such a thing as a wash board in germany, insted they use a brush, and a smooth board, no soap just plain water. It seems the Germans in this town are getting married lately. nearly every night a big blow out is going on somewhere. They generally have a big dance and all get drunk after the contract is signed, its a good thing they have a good time when they are married, for as far as I can see

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it is about the last, for how a person can enjoy life in a berg like this I can't see. Mama I havm't been down to see Willie yet. My pass is in but had to go through Military channels to Div Hdq and has not come back yet, It should be back most any day now. I should like to see hime before we leave, for I think he will have to remain over here some time yet. The men are getting 7 and 14 days passes to France, a great many have already gone. It is almost impossible to get a pass to England for only about 2 or 3 from the whole Brigade are allowed to go at a time. If my pass don't come back soon I am going to take about 7 days in France.

Mama I think I am getting all your letters, but so far the xmas box is kapoote. The paper the other day mentions about a carload of xmas pkgs burning so mine no doubt helped keep the fire going. Papa is pretty lucky to get such a fine present and


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I think he has earned it even at that. There is little more to write mama. I hope you are rec. all the allotments are they $15 or $25? The should by $25 what is the matter with Joe, can't he hold down a job. He had better watch out for when I get back he and I are going round and round. If Tom comes home tell him hello for I am right on his heels. Will close now mama hoping you all the best.

With Love
Your Son