"Aunt Mealy" is apparently Margaret Amelia Watkins, sister of George's mother Emma Watkins. As the letter indicates, she was living on a farm on Canada at the time this letter was written, probably near Lomond, Alberta.

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Kreuzberg Germany
March 6 – 1919

Dear Aunt Mealy
Tonight I will write you a few lines. The last month or so I have not written any body hardly but the folks at home. I rec your good letter some time ago Aunt Mealy and was very glad to hear from you. It is raining out tonight but the weather is just like spring. I expect you are still having cold weather in Canada. There is much going on here to speak of. They are

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issuing passes to the men now to visit France. A few are given to England Italy etc but that number is very small probably 2 or 3 from the Brigade. I should like to go to England but will not have time now. Our Div. sails in April for home and you can believe me that sounds good to me. Gen Pershiner will Review us soon, then I think we leave.

Willie will propably remain over here for some time, for his outfit is not on the list to leave in April May or june. He is about 50 mi from here, in a small town along the Rhine. I intend to see him before we


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leave. This town we are in now is about 14 mi from the Rhine right among the hills. It has a population of about 1000. One railroad passes through. The River Ahr winds around through the valley and flows by the town on the course to the Rhine. The people are pretty poor, I don't know how they make a living except they farm the land on the hillside during the summer. They treat us real well, are very polite and accomedating.

They seem to have plenty to eat & wear, so from what I see that is about all they care for. Mama has not been


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so well from what she writes. Well Anut Mealy this has been quite an experience for me and enough for a while. I should like to see you again some day and we can have a great time talking it over. I hope your crop does not fail you this year, it is to bad to put in so much work on the farm and reap nothing

give my regards to Uncle Robert and the children. Hoping you good health with abundant success.

I remain sincerely
your Nephew
Geo W.
Write soon