Kreuzberg Germany
Mar – 6 – 1916 1919

Dear Bro Wm

It is raining tonight so I stay to home and write a few letters. I hope this finds you O.K. Mama said in one of her letters that you had been sick, but it can't be bad.

I rec your letter a few days ago from Waldbrutbach Ger. I have been in the hopes that I could come down but as yet my pass has not come back from Div


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Hdq. Willie you probably have heard that the 42nd goes in April. Gen. Pershing will look us over in the next week or so and everybody is hoping we part soon after. We are all equipted with Gasoline tractors to pull our equipment, our horses are still with us, but rather think they will be evacuated soon. Lately we have been having a review nearly everyday, but that is about all that is going on as far as drill is concerned. I rec a letter from Carl Q. yesterday

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he has been mustered out and is home now. Frank Hudson is Vise-President of the City Center Bank quite a jump for him

Earl say he is it now. Tom Young is in Cal. now and is awaiting for a discharge Clarence smith's outfit will sail in April, so most of the boys will be getting home about the same time. Willie I wish you could be going soon so we could both be home together I know it would be a happy time for the folks. The chances are I will see you soon. I think my pass will be aproved. Yes crosses are thick as wine & snops[?]. I sent one home in a letter to Eliz. There isn't much going on here, a great many of the fellows are in France where I expect to be soon. Well Willie am in the best of health at present, the coodies are nearly a thing of the past for me.

Will close now first call has sounded. Write again real soon.

Your Bro