March – 26 – 1919

Dear Mother Father Bros & Sisters.

Will take advantage of this afternoon and write you a few lines. It is snowing out side and is very sloppy. We haven't been doing much lately and have this whole day off. General Pershing reviewed the Div some time ago and every thing passed fairly well. All


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our equipment is turned in now so the date for Departure is set for the 7th of April, you can bet everybody is waiting anxiously for that time to come. It is quite a relief to everyone since the horses harness and rolling stock is gone, we are having a general clean up now since we have lots of time. I have collected a bunch of stuff I had, and am sending it home by mail, some of it doesn't amount to much but I hated to throw it away. included are two "Got mit uns" belts one with the souvenir buttons for Joe and the other for Hubby. Elizabeth picture also is in the pkg, I thought it best to send it along, because I have no way now to carry it, without it getting ruined. We are going ahead of the 35 – 77 – 85 Div now, instead of being the last in April we will be the first. From here we will go by rail to Brest France

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instead of going up the Rhine to Antwerp Belgium. It is said that the sea around this area is still laid heavily with mines and is not safe for transports. Well mama at last I was down to see Willie my pass had to go clear to corps Hdq for approval and thought it would never get back. I was down over a week ago got there in the afternoon, spent that afternoon and part of the next morning with him.

We chewed the rag about


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one thing and the other. He was surprised to see me, for I had not told him I was coming. Willie is in good health now they had some pretty hard times on the front but count that a thing of the past.

He will have to remain over here for some time yet from all indications. It would be fine if we could both come home together I know, but that seems impossible now. The Marines are a sore bunch and getting stuck over here


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and a person can't blame them much. Willie intends to go to the school the Government is planning, this would not be so bad for a persons time will not be lost. Mama I stopped at Coblenz and had my picture taken they should be in the mail now and am looking for them most any day. Coblenz is quite a place a person can buy most anything he wants. I see the stuff the Germans are turning in, in agreement with the armastice, you would wonder where it all come from. I seen an article in a star paper one of the boys had here, about F. Hudson[?]. He must be all swelled up no doubt, He may have some friend in the N./E. but I can tell you he has none here that I know of.

Well mama there is little more to write about. I hope you are all going on as usual at home. I expect to see a great change in the family


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when I get back. I have been rec. your letter right along also the ones from Alice and Eliz. Florence. Will close now, This finds me in the best of health and hope you are all the same. Give papa my regards with best wishes.

Your Son