Camp Morrisson
Newport News
May 2 – 1919

Dear Bro Wm

  We landed here yesterday morning on the steamship Nederland (a charter boat) made about 11 knots, and took about 12 days to cross. talk about your boats, that was one. The weather was fine the whole way, so I didn't find any fish. It sure is fine to be back once more. The people treated us royal in Newport News. Gen. March was present in town, so we had to eyes right on him. We marched about 3 miles to this camp

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through a heavy rain. when we got to the barracks everyone was soaked to the skin. We will be here about 5 days then to camp Funston in pullmans, stopping in K.C. for 4 hrs.
This is some camp everything fixed up to suit a king. I have ate so much candy ice cream etc. I can hardly wobble. They are issuing passes to town now every six hrs; but I haven't had time to get away yet, but look out when I do. You don't have to worry about all these examinations in Brest etc, any body can get by.

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You can bring anything home you want in the line of souvenirs. They never search anyone. I am at the Y.M. now a big show is just starting. Well Willie I hop it isn't long before you fellows are relieved. I know how anxious a fellow gets to get back. Will close now take care of you all and if there is anything you want let me know and I'll send it in toot sweet order.


Your Bro Geo

A picture of a will be ex-soldier.