Letters From the Front

George Anderson enlisted in the U.S. Army in early September 1917. After about six weeks of training at Camp Mills, Long Island, he shipped overseas and served during the remainder of the war in France, and after the armistice, in Luxembourg and Germany. He returned to the U.S.A. in May 1919. Approximately fifty of George's letters to his family survive from that period. At the time of enlistment, his family consisted of:
  • Father: William Anderson, aged 49;
  • Mother: Emma Watkins Anderson, aged 46;
  • Brother: William, aged 23.
    (About six months after George, William joined the Marine Corps and fought in the war. See the letter of May 17.)
  • Sister: Elizabeth, aged 20;
  • Brother: Richard, aged 17;
  • Sister: Alice, aged 16;
  • Brother: Joseph, aged 13;
  • Brother: Robert, aged 11;
  • Sister: Florence, aged 9;
  • Brother: Daniel, aged 7;
Most of George's letters were addressed to his family home at 5612 Saida Avenue in the northeastern part of Kansas City, Missouri. (See pictures of the house.)

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