Autobiography, Section 1 --- Life Story, Short Version

Joe Mills was born in West Leake a small village in Nottingham Shire England. In 1889 at the age of 16 he came to ontario Canada in charg of 16 horses were they was sold on comission by a toronto firm near Springfield ont from Toronto he went to Topeka Kansas to work on a horse importers ranch, from Topeka he went Iowa then to Omaha Nebraska to northern Minn back to Iowa then to Sascatchawan Canada then to Colorado back to Lost Nation Iowa were he met Elmyra Richy the were married at Maquoketa Ia 1901 they rented a farm in Iowa for a few years then they got a farm in northern Minn back to northern Iowa then to Spring Valley Minn were they got a farm they lived on it 33 years untill Mrs Mills got dropsy and passed away at the age of 69 in Kansas City were we moved the fall before so she could be with our Daughter Viola she passed away in 1944.

she leaves to mourn her loss her Husband and 3 children Margurite Heine. Bill Mills all of Austin [Minnesota] and Viola Wilson of Kansas City also a host of Easter Star Sisters and lots of other friends to know her was to love her Joe was a faithfull member of the Epsiscaple Church (Bab[?] confirm[?]) and sang in the Church quire. he also was a member of Pleasant Grove lodge for many years. Joe also leaves 10 Grand children and great Great grandchildren 6 Brothers and 4 Sisters preceded him in death. Joe will be burried in Mellet cemetary by the side of his Wife 8 miles North of Spring Valley Minn.