Autobiography, Section 3 --- Incident on a train to Ohama

now in regards to the time I worked for Mr Murrey taking care of his read poled cattle at Maquoketa Ia. we loaded them into I railroad car at Maquiketo on the Millwauke road I went with them to the Iowa state fair [?] put boards onto the roof of the car to put the feed grub and suplies on top when we got to Madrid Iowa, the Milwauke droped my car of to be picked up with a train on the Dis Moines and northern train, after a while they came to pick me up they hit the car so hard I was up on that platform with my suplies I picked myself up in the middle of the car and everey thing down among the cattle but I fineley got to the fair grounds without aney damage safe and sound.

another time while I was workeing for Murray he was going to have a sale of cattle at Omehau in Nebraska so he sent me ip ther with them we loaded them at Maquoketa Iowa, it started to rain and freese it as fast as it fell everey thing was a glair with ice when we got to Bell Plain Iowa they stopped the train I was in the cabuce the brake man came allong and he said the cattle are uneasy so I went a head got into the car we had the bulls tied to the side of the car on bull was a straddle of anoth. ones rope as I got them straightened out about that time the enginear gave the signel whistle that he was ready to travel so I didnt have time to get out and run back to the cabuce or get on top of the car, and either go back to the cabuce or ahead to the engine but I didnt like to travel on that ice so I stade in with the cattle in that slat car it was 22 below zero so I swiped a little heat from the cattle. we was on a fast thru freight train we didnt stop till we got to Omahas that was quite a breezy trip. I have traveled maney thousand miles on railroads in Canada and in the states too and from the fairs besideds[?] maney more trips. I have been in about all the Canadian provances except British Columbia and 12 or 15 states in the united states of America takeing care of pure bred lieve stock and fairs was my profession for a number before and after I came over here I have had lots of responsibilites all of my life with lieve stock.

I didnt get to see my Brot Irwin after I came across he went to Salt Lake City Utah workeing on a railroad he was killed there. but Bro Herbert went to Lost Nation Ia got married bot farms when he died 11 years ago he had 160 x acre farm of which he willed to his Girl Lillian and Florence.70 acres they onley had 2 girls no boys they both have lost their husbands by death. I have owned 160 acre farm near Warren Minn a 20 acre farm about a mile east of Spring Valley Minn then 80 acres 8 miles north of S Valley where we lieved 31 years put all the buildings on it put 3 thousand bucks remodling the house fensed it all arround with 32 inch woven wire fence and cross fenced it, and built the land up with clover and alfalfa it is one of the best 80 acres in Filmore county Minn then I owned a house in Stewartville Minn and 80 acres neare Lemon South Dakato, and I ve paid taxes on all the land I have mentioned. the I rented 200 acres at Hartley Iowa and 4 other farms in around Lost Nation Iowa and I had to pay taxes on all that too in place with rent so I think that I am justified to my liveing so long untill God chooses to call me home what dou aney one think.