the wreck of the Maine

Joseph Mills

While the shot and shells were screaming
Upon the battle field
The boys in blue were fighting
Their noble flag to shield

Came a cry from our brave captain,
"Look, Boys, our flag is down!"
Who'll volunteer to save it from disgrace?"

"I will!" a young voice shouted.
"I'll bring it back or die!"
The turned into the thickest of the fray,
Saved the flag but gave his young life
All for his country's sake.

They brought him back
And gently heard him say,
"Just break the newst to Mother
She knows how dearly I love her,
Tell her how dear I love her
And tell her not to wait for me
For I am not coming home.

"Just say there is no other
That can take the place of Mother
And kiss her dear sweet lips
For I am not coming home."

A far-off noted general
Who had witnessed this brave deed
Said "Who save our flag? Speak up!
'Twas noble brave indeed."

"There he lies," said the captain.
"He is sinking very fast,"
Then gently turned to hide a tear.

The general in a moment knelt down beside the boy,
Then gave a cry that touched all hearts that day.
"It's my son, my brave young hero!.
I thought you were safe at home!"

"Forgive me, Father, for I ran away.
Just break the news to Mother.
She knows how dear I love her.
And kiss her dear sweet lips again for me
And break the news to her.